"You do so many things. What exactly is your job?"
"I find solutions!" - Chris Bensted

Support, Expertise, Innovation and Inspiration.

Training Specialist

Theory Test Training

ADI Part 1

ADI Part 3

Hazard Perception Test

Standards Check GRADEA

Podcast, Webinar and YouTube
Chris often features on industry media outlets like The Instructor Podcast 

Consultation and Representation

Chris has appeared on Sky News, BBC News, ITV and others as a recognised authority in his field.

Chris has consulted for DVSA, Highways England, TSO and a growing number of commercial companies.

Business Development

As a qualified life coach and business coach, Chris provides his unique perspective and experience to ADIs wanting to start or grow their own driving schools, or maximise their success as an independent ADI.

A little bit about Chris Bensted
Driver trainer, hypnotherapist, author, poet, falconer, retailer, magician, lyricist, networker, and Dad.....

As you can see Chris has a wide range of experience and interests, and it is this variety that makes him diverse and adaptable in many fields. However it is his passion for supporting the growth of others that has lead him to his current role.

Every role he has taken in his working life has resulted in him challenging the status quo. From addressing long-standing weaknesses, to developing new approaches Chris has a habit of being at the heart of change or challenging the resistance to it.

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Driving Instructor Support and Marketing
Seeing more in what you have to offer...

"Since our first meeting 5 years ago, Chris has been a hi-octane cultivator of visionary, problem-solving ideas that aim to add value to an industry that is otherwise sorely lacking in such energy and passion. His non-stop, never-say-never attitude has earned him a strong reputation within our profession as a thought leader, and is one of a select few individuals I would gladly give up my time to work with."

Number 1 app for driving instructors
Daniel Hill MyDriveTime

"Chris is very useful!"

James May
James May James May's Theory Test App

"I’ve always been drawn towards people who see things differently and that’s how I became Facebook friends with Chris Bensted. 

I signed up for a one to one zoom business coaching session to run a few ideas past him. Chris was incredibly supportive and positive, he also pointed out a few pitfalls that I hadn’t foreseen along with some extra opportunities I had missed also. 

When you get to know him his willingness and desire to help oozes from him, and he really gave me the motivation to execute on my ideas. I would urge anyone looking a coach or even a sounding board to listen to him. I’m glad I did."

James McAleer Driving Instructor
James McAleer Self Employed ADI