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About Chris Bensted
Supporting Individuals

Too often people do not know where to start, who to turn to, or what steps to take. Chris has dedicated his career to making things simple. From 1:1 training to rewriting the handbook, Chris takes pride in taking the personal approach.

Joining the Dots

A natural networker, Chris isn't the social butterfly but he has developed the reputation of 'go to'. Starting communication hubs has been one of the key factors in his success. You don't have to know how, you just need to know someone with the knowhow.

Innovation and Creativity


This is the question that gets changes made and challenges the norm. 'Just because' isn't good enough in todays dynamic culture. We can all achieve so much more if we understand it. Chris is dedicated to this understanding.

07775 809 833info@chrisbensted.co.uk
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