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Industry Leading Theory Training

Before Chris gave up his car to focus on theory training it was rare to find dedicated theory support. He now leads the way in understanding the theory test and campaigning for the DVSA to bring it up to date.

Theory Test Explained supports learner drivers and trainee driving instructors in their search for success and understanding. Not only helping them master the theory but also develop awareness about how they learn best and what techniques they can take with them into other areas.

Driving Instructor Business Mentoring

Flexible and dedicated support for you and your business. As an individual it can be challenging seeing the wood for the trees, with support, a process and accountability you can achieve clarity and results.

Chris has helped 100s of instructors increase hourly rate, improve client retention and recommendations while still delivering their own style of tuition. His skill in branding and marketing combined with his ADI knowledge make him an asset to any independent instructor or driving school.

How to Become a Driving Instructor

Firstly - Don't sign the contract until you have booked a discovery session with Chris. His insights will save you time, money and stress!

Secondly - Chris helps ADIs across the country with training techniques, technical knowledge and pupil awareness - specialising in SEN provisions.

Thirdly - Chris is a theory test expert and can greatly improve your Part 1 success.

3 great reasons to get in touch today!

Website and Marketing Analysis

We all know SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is important, but often this can get in the way of user experience (UX) and engagement.

Attracting Google or other search engines doesn't have to mean loss of human appeal. In fact, search engines are intelligent enough now to recognise and reward your great communication.

Driver Training CPD

If you are a new or established ADI, or still a PDI wanting to be the best you can be, you are guaranteed to benefit from doing CPD with Chris Bensted.

His insight and experience is at the centre of his innovation and novel approaches. Respected by many of the industries top names, Chris is the best kept secret behind much unattributed success.

Research, Development and Consultation

Many new start-ups and projects have sought Chris' insight and advice before committing to a model or plan.

His understanding of customer needs, sales and engagement, as well as an eye for maximising processes means quicker profits, lower costs and greater efficiency.